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One-Day class $125.00 (class runs from 9 till finished, plan 7-9 hrs. )


Split Evening Class $135.00 (Two evenings - 4 hr range time each min., see class date listings)

Defensive pistol training is the next step in preparing yourself for defensive carry after you've completed your Michigan CPL class (NRA Basics of Personal Protection in the Home).  Defensive pistol is a single-day experience, with most of the time spent on the range in live fire.  Students will learn the proper mechanics for drawing from concealment and getting on target quickly and accurately.  Our goal is always to help our students become better, safer shooters, and this class will go well into the process of furthering that outcome.  Upon completion of this course, you will be a more confident shooter, and have more understanding of the process of engaging a hostile attacker.  You WILL be a better, safer shooter after this class.


  • Review of Safe Gun Handling rules

  • Review of Mental Awareness, Mental Preparation for defensive mindset and Techniques for avoiding life-threatening encounters

  • Review of psycological/physiological changes to expect during an attack.

  • Draw and presentation from concealment

  • Reload under Stress and Malfunction Action and Immediate Reload/Re-engage.

  • Moving off the Line of attack

  • Shoot the Defensive Pistol Qualification Drill for Certificate

  • Understand about carrying Pocket Pistols

Required Items:

  1. Students MUST have completed our NRA Personal Protection in The Home course (MI CPL class), or an equivellant from another source we know to teach at the level of our courses. Contact us for information/pre-registration interview if you did not take our course.
  2. Quality pistol appropriate for concealed carry – recommend minimum of 9mm or .38 Special.  CENTERFIRE ONLY.  .22's only allowed if medical or physical limitations per doctor's reccomendation
  3. Handgun in good working order. Bringing a second gun as backup is a good idea....(or you'll have to rent one of ours )
  4.  Pocket pistols for short range exercises can be used.  However, during this course, must use strong side hip holsters.
  5.  Quality strong side retention Outside the Waistband Holster hip holster (OWB) – recommend form fitted leather or kydex, must cover trigger/trigger guard .  NO Serpa, flimsy Uncle Mike's, cross-draw, shoulder holsters allowed. Waistband holster must allow safe one-handed re-holster
  6.  Quality Belt, designed to carry a holster and a firearm strongly recommended
  7.  Quality factory ammunition suitable for practice (fmj is fine - do not use self-defense ammo). No hand reloads!
  8.  Spare magazines (2 minimum, 3 or more preferable)  or speed loaders with appropriate pouches – at least two spares.
  9. 250 rounds of ammunition minimum. 
  10.  Clothing appropriate for concealed carry, including a cover garment to draw from underneath, closed neck shirts, no v-neck, scoop-neck or tank tops.
  11. Brimmed Hat and correct clothing for the weather.
  12. Eye protection
  13.  Hearing protection - electronic recommended
  14. Bring a lunch and snacks.




West Branch Sportsmen's Club
1888 Engman Lake Rd
Skandia, MI 49885

Step One:

Preregistration required. Click on date.  A new window will pop up. Fill in required information to register, then return to this window for STEP TWO, PAYMENT:

Step Two:

Pay for your class -

Two Options

 1.  - $35 non-refundable deposit



 2. - Full Pre-Pay with $5 discount

$125 - $5 = $120 (One-Day Class)

  • $135 - $5 = $130 (Split Evening Class)





Join the NRA and get basic firearm insurance with your memberships, as well as $10 off a yearly membership.
Join the NRA and Save up to $25!